A Business Emerges


This marks the beginning of a new business journey and the start of a check mark on my personal bucket list.  Hello, I’m Rachel Wright.  I’m a serial entrepreneur and I’m taking you along for the ride, as I form and launch my latest venture: Industry Templates, LLC.

This is a living, step-by-step documentation of the formation process for what will soon be an information marketing business.  By starting this documentation now, on ‘Day 1’, a full record of all the needed steps, and an unbiased (and largely unedited) look at the ups and downs along the way, will be created.  What lies in this chronicle may not always be pretty, but it will be real – and you’ll have an unfiltered look at it all.  What emerges will provide insight (and eventually, hindsight) into the challenges encountered and how those challenges were solved.  Hopefully this makes for a good story that also assists others with their own business challenges.

Today this is just a blog, but in the coming “tomorrows” it will transform into a business.  Join me and let’s get started!

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